Amazing unknown facts about Sundarban


  1.  Largest Mangrove Forest- Sundarban has got largest Mangrove forest in the world. One of the primary reasons behind the growth of mangrove vegetation is the salty coastal waters all around the Sundarbans.
  2. 102 islands- You will be shocked to know that the total area of Sundarbans- 4000 sq. kms consist of 102 islands which is 16 less than comparable to the city of Venice. Among these 102 islands, 54 of them are where people are leaving and the rest is fully occupied by forest. 40 percent of the total area of Sundarban is in India and the rest is in Bangladesh.
  3. Transportation- The main mode of transportation in the Sundarbans is through waterways. It is very strange to know that the average cost of 2 hour boat ride is just 6 rupees which is in fact nothing if you just compare this to the cost of travelling from one to another island in Venice.
  4. Royal Bengal Tigers- Sunderban Tiger Reserve counts the highest number of tigers in the world. While roaming around the dense evergreen delta-forests, you will actually feel the presence of wild animals around you. Unlike other national park, wildlife safari is done by ferries and boats here.
  5. Sundari- Another fact about Sundarban is that it is being named after a mangrove tree called Sundari which means beautiful. It is not doubt to say that Sundarban is simply a nature’s own land.
  6. Sundarban’s Tidal Phenomenon- Two times in a day, Sundarban experience high and low tides. During the low tides, one can see the huge mud land area lying flat and during high tides area, water level seems to rise around 6-10 feet. If you are looking for exploring wildlife, then high tides are the most appropriate time for boats to get into the forest is search of wild animals.
  7. Gosaba- If you consider 40 percent of the Indian part of the Sundarban, then Gosaba is the biggest and a last inhabitated island where after that huge dense forest starts. One of the important fact about this island is that it has its own local self-governance, government officials, schools, Panchayats, hospitals etc.
  8. Population- Even though most of the areas of Sundarban are not so much easily accessible, yet the population density of Sundarban is three times as much as population density of India.
  9. Widow Village- There is a village in Sundarban called Widow Village. The main reason behind such a name of the village is tigers. There are many families whose family members are attacked by the man eaters tigers.
  10. Phytoplanktons- Phytoplanktons are small micro organisms that reflect light in the dark new moon night. So if you are planning to have a night safari in Sundarban, then don’t miss out to see phytoplanktons.

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