Security Tools:

1.Free Bot Removal Tool

In collaboration with “Cyber Swachhta Kendra” under the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), Ministry of Electronics & IT, Quick Heal has developed a Bot Removal Tool that helps users remove botnet infection from their computer.

What is a botnet infection?

A group of computers controlled by cybercriminals to spread malware and launch other malicious attacks on their targets is called a botnet. A botnet infection is when your computer becomes a part of a botnet.

How can your computer be bot-infected?

Attackers can make your computer a part of their botnet by infecting it with something called a ‘bot code’. They can drop this code onto your computer by sending you emails containing malicious links or attachments, fake social media posts, or exploiting existing security vulnerabilities on your system.

What is the Quick Heal Bot Removal Tool?

This tool helps you detect and remove any botnet infection from your computer. This tool can be run with or without an antivirus program on your computer. Note that this tool only secures your computer against bots. It does not provide protection against other malware or prevent any data theft.

How to use the Bot Removal Tool?

It is important that you take a backup of all your important files before using this tool to prevent any unintentional or accidental loss of data.

  1. Download the executable file of the tool from here –
    32 Bit: Download
    64 Bit: Download
  2. Double-click the downloaded file. The license agreement screen appears. Read the license terms carefully.
  3. Select I Agree to proceed and then click Next. The welcome screen appears. Click Next.
  4. Select one of the following scan options:
    • Quick Scan: Scans areas that are most vulnerable to bot infection. If an infection is detected, you may need to run a Full Scan.
    • Full Scan: Scans the hard drives and folders of your computer. Note that this process may take some time to complete.
    • Customized Scan: Scans selected folders. If you select this option, you have to select specific folders that you want to scan.
  5. Click Next. On completion of the scan, a summary of the scan results appears. You can view the details of the scan by clicking Scan Results.
  6. Click Finish.

Benefits of the Quick Heal Bot Removal Tool:

  • No need to install it. Simply run the tool when you need it.
  • Detects and removes even the latest bot malware.
  • Run it along with your existing antivirus software.
  • It can be run on all Windows-based operating systems.

Click the below mentioned link to download the tool.

2.USB Pratirodh

USB Pratirodh – USB mass storage device control solution

USB Pratirodh controls the usage of removable storage media like pen drives, external hard drives, cell phones and other supported USB mass storage devices. Only authenticated users can access the removable storage media.


  1. Device Control :
    All USB devices are uniquely identified.User can add or remove the devices to the database.User can bind one or more USB devices to be accessed using enabled username.Any unauthorized new USB device cannot be accessed,unless it is registered.
  2. User Authentication :
    Whenever a USB device gets plugged in,the user is asked to authenticate with username and password.Only authenticated user can access the device.If the user fails to authenticate,user gets access denied message.
  3. Secure Storage :
    Data on the USB storage devices can be encrypted.
  4. Malware Detection:
    USB Pratirodh scans the plugged USB device for malware.


  • USB device control with password protection
  • Data Encryption on USB devices
  • Auto run protection and Malware Detection
  • Configurable read/write privilege protection

System Requirements

Works with Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Click the below mentioned link to download the tool.