Security Tools:

3. AppSamvid

An Application Whitelisting Software

AppSamvid is an application whitelisting software for Microsoft Windows based operating systems. Whitelisting allows only pre-approved files to execute on operating system. This is in contrast to traditional signature based antivirus software approach of blacklisting the virus files. Whitelisting has the advantage over blacklisting as it does not require frequent virus definition updates. AppSamvid can protect operating system against computer malware (such as Viruses and Trojans).


  1. Whitelists execuable and java files (.exe, .class, .war, .jar)
  2. Has Installation Mode:
    1. To allow updating of software
    2. To allow installation and/or un-installation of software
  3. Folder Scan and File scan option to add execuable files to database
  4. Password based access to user interface
  5. Supports operating system updating visa Microsoft Updates
  6. Bundled with heuristic malware engine to gain confidence on which files to whitelist
  7. Allows files to be made as Trusted Updater
  8. Can identify potential updater files to help the user find which files can be made as trusted updater(s)

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit)
  • Windows 10 version 1607(32 and 64-bit)

Download for

» Windows-7 32-bit 

Downloads :417

» Windows-7 64-bit 

Downloads :270

» Windows-10 32-bit 

Downloads :118

» Windows-10 64-bit 

Downloads :424

4. M-Kavach (for Mobile devices)

Mobile Device Security Solution

M-Kavach is a comprehensive mobile device security solution for Android devices addressing various threats related to mobile phones. It addresses threats related to misuse of resources such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera & Mobile Data by preventing unauthorized access to these resources and protects against JavaScript Malware. Users can restrict the access to critical applications like mobile wallets, media apps etc and also block unwanted Calls & SMS. It also helps the users in tracking SIM card changes on the device in case of device loss/theft and provides an option to remotely wipe Contacts/Call-Logs & Factory Reset the device.


  1. Restricted access to critical applications
  2. Hardware resource control in terms of access to WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera and MobileData
  3. Intimates unauthorized SIM changes to trusted mobile number through SMS
  4. Remote wipe of Contacts & Call-Logs using SMS
  5. Option to Factory Reset the device remotely using SMS
  6. Blocks unwanted Calls & SMS
  7. Easy backup & restore
  8. Protects against JavaScript Malware

Supported Android Versions

Android Version 4.4 , 5.0 ,5.1 and 6.x


Click here to download M-Kavach App

5. Browser JSGuard

In the recent times, most of the systems connected to Internet are getting infected with malware and some of these systems are even becoming zombies for the attacker. When user knowingly or unknowingly visits a malware website, his system gets infected. Attackers do this by exploiting vulnerabilities in web browser and it is possible to acquire control over the underlying Operating System. Once attacker compromises the user’s web browsers, he can instruct the browser to visit the attacker’s website by using number of redirections. During the process, user’s web browser downloads the malware without the intervention of the user. Once the malware is downloaded, it would be placed in the file system and responds as per the instructions of the attacker. These types of attacks mostly happen through JavaScript and malicious HTML tags. Browser JSGuard detects and defends from such attacks made through the web browser. It blocks access to the harmful, inappropriate and dangerous websites that may contain malicious content.


  1. Content/Heuristic based JS & HTML malware protectionli>
  2. Alerts the User on visiting Malicious Web pages
  3. Provides detailed analysis of webpage threats
  4. Ease of installation / maintenance
  5. Suitable for both home and office usage
  6. Signed by Mozilla Add-on community

JavaScript & HTML threats detected by Browser JSGuard

  • Client side Redirections
  • Redirections through DOM changing functions
  • Runtime JavaScript Injections

System Requirements

  • Operating Systems : Windows and Linux
  • Browsers
    1. Mozilla Firefox (Version>=21.0)
    2. Google Chrome (Version >=21.0)

Download Links

Download Link:
For Firefox Web Browser:
For Google Chrome Web Browser: